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Prince Law Offices, P.C.

We never represent insurance companies, and we don't take just the big cases.

Our firm handles the majority of legal issues that individuals, families and businesses may be facing. The scope of our practice includes workers' compensation and Social Security disability claims; family law and family law issues associated with divorce; general criminal defense, including DUI and drug charges; criminal and educational matters involving juveniles; wills and estates; legal services for small business; and meeting legal needs that involve firearms law or gun trusts. We also handle a wide range of immigration and deportation issues, real estate and equine law matters.

We offer initial consultations at either free or significantly reduced fees in our practice's areas of law - such as Gun Law, Criminal, Divorce, Immigration, DUI, Worker's Compensation, Estate Law - to provide the opportunity for our clients to meet with one of our experienced attorneys, possibly as either a telephone or in-person consultation. As a "working family's" law firm, our attorneys can meet with clients in the evenings and on weekends when necessary; as well as during normal business hours. Additionally, home visits are available, if needed. Call us at 610-845-3803 or 888-313-0416 or contact our law firm online today. Do you know what your rights are?

Founded in 1990, Prince Law Offices, P.C., has grown to include numerous office locations and thousands of satisfied clients in Pennsylvania. We would also like to emphasize that each of these locations is managed by an experienced attorney who also lives in that specific area and knows it well.

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Our attorneys can meet with clients during normal business hours; or in the evenings or on weekends when necessary. We also offer home visits if needed. Call us at 610-845-3803 or 888-313-0416; or contact our law firm online today.

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