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So You're Under Arrest?

All is takes is an accusation, and you can find yourself under arrest. What should you do?

The first thing you should do is not say anything about the accusation. Tell the police you want to speak to a lawyer before you speak to them at all. The police may try to goad you into saying or dong something incriminating. I have had police do everything from cajoling to threatening to even offering to free an accused person if the person were to fight the police officer and win. Say nothing until your lawyer is present and has instructed you that you may answer.

Second, do not consent to a search of your person, your house, or your car. The police will probably be able to search your person because they are permitted to do so without a warrant after you have been arrested. However, consenting to a search of your house or car allows the police to search for anything and everything without having to go to a judge and describe exactly what they are looking for.

Third, please tell your relatives and friends in advance of trouble that they are not to give consent to search your house or your car. Anyone who has an "equal right" to the premises can give consent, so instruct these people ahead of time that they are not to give consent.

Fourth, and finally, once again, do not talk to the police without your attorney present. Do not let the police talk you out of this. The police are professionals at turning seemingly innocent statements against you, so wait until an experienced criminal defense attorney arrives. You can find such an attorney at Prince Law Offices. Call 610-845-3803 and arrange for one of our experienced attorneys to arrive before saying anything to the police.

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