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Providing for Long Term Care

Many of our parents lived in fear that their last days would be spent in a nursing home. At that time they were depressing establishments that served gruel to their residents with little regard to the patients' pride or emotional needs. Fortunately, things have changed markedly over the years. Residents are served balanced meals, often in a dining room, and encouraged to interact with other patients when possible. The fears of our parents have been replaced with the possibility that their life savings will be depleted paying for their final days. While Medicaid is the safety net provided for all citizens, it's ever changing rules and regulations complicate any advanced planning. At Prince Law Offices, we're prepared to assist you in preserving the quality of life for the community spouse, draft Caregiver Contracts to prevent discord between the children when Mom and/or Dad moves in with one of them, and discuss the effects of parental gifts.

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