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Protection From Abuse/PFA Orders

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Domestic Abuse and
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Domestic Violence Lawyers in Pennsylvania

If you are in immediate danger — no legal tool, no matter how powerful, will do anything to protect you. Getting out of the dangerous situation on your own or through police intervention is the only action that will help. That said, if you are in immediate danger in an abusive relationship, obtaining a protection from abuse (PFA) order is the right choice to make.

At Prince Law Offices, we help victims of domestic violence obtain protection from abuse orders and defend alleged abusers who have been falsely accused as well. Put our experience on both sides of this issue and our knowledge of the system to work for you by calling 610-365-7033 or by contacting our firm online today.

Protection From Abuse Orders

Protection from abuse orders are powerful legal tools that can oust an alleged abuser from their own house, deprive them of many of their possessions, prevent them from having contact with their children, cost them their right to own or possess a gun, and generally, severely restrict where they can and cannot go for up to three years.

In the smaller cities, suburbs and rural areas of southeastern Pennsylvania, this can be a very big deal.

Whichever side of this issue you are on, our attorneys can advise you of your rights, obtain the order, challenge it and deal with criminal violations of PFA orders as well.

False Accusations

At, or very near, the bottom of the barrel of dirty tricks to use in a divorce is the false accusation of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, it can all too easily work. Our lawyers aggressively defend clients facing false accusations of domestic violence or child abuse. If this is the situation you're in now, recognize the danger it poses to your future and take action to protect yourself.

For two decades, we've been earning the trust of your family,
friends, neighbors and co-workers. Today, let us earn yours.

To schedule a free consultation, call 610-365-7033 or contact us online and someone from our offices will get back to you as soon as possible.

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